Paint Protection Film

Are you tired of seeing your beloved car accumulate unsightly scratches and swirls on its surface? Well, worry no more because Paint Protection Film (PPF) is the solution you've been looking for! PPF is an advanced, transparent film that is applied to your car's exterior to provide optimal protection from the harsh elements of the road, as well as unwanted scratches, chips, and dings.

Its multi-layer structure helps to absorb and disperse impact energy, while its high-tech coating ensures that the film remains crystal clear and free from any yellowing or discoloration. At IP4 Garage, we take pride in offering the best quality PPF installation services that are second to none.

Our team of highly skilled technicians has over 5 years of experience in installing PPF on some of the most exotic cars in Miami, from Lamborghini Huracan's, Ferrari SF90's, Bugatti Chiron, Ferrari F8 Spider's, Porsche 911 GT3's.

You can trust that your car is in good hands with us, and our 10-year warranty reassures you of our commitment to delivering superior protection and quality services. Don't settle for anything less than the best! Contact us today for a quote and give your car the protection it deserves."